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Brought up Jan 23, 2012

Help Child to Have a Childhood

Remember when you were a little kid and the whole world was just ahead? You and I had opportunity, but many children don't. Majority of them don't have a chance no matter how smart they are or how hard they try, simply because of the environment that they live in.

If you are a person of faith, you will not need to dig deep to confirm that saving a child from poverty is what should be on your mind. If you believe in evolution, think that helping each other was the most advanced survival skill that humanity learned and mastered.

People question legitimacy of charities that have multiplied in great numbers recently. I like the work of WorldVision because their main goal is helping unfortunate children and 85% of all donations go directly to those who are in need. WorldVision helps people unconditionally, regardless of their culture and religion, not asking anything in return.

I learned about WorldVision in 2008 from Good Samaritan Bob Rivers while listening on the radio about his trip to Senegal that is in Africa.

With WorldVision you can sponsor a child and know personally whom you are helping. Yes, it is a commitment and as any serious relationship, it will continue for many years. Stay in touch with your kid, write letters, and send small packages. Imagine when a child receives from you a pen and a notebook -- it will be a treasure. Think about what this little kid will write in there. Maybe a silly note or a big dream. Maybe she or he will just draw a smiley face.

Your help will not solve all the problems in the world but it will have a profound impact on the life of one person. Go to and help child to have a childhood.


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